Turf Supplies Sydney | 10 Year Guarantee - Buffalo, Zosyia, Bermuda, Kikuyu

Grech’s Turf Supplies, established since 1975, are Sydney’s premier supplier of cultivated turf and sporting grass surfaces. GTS has recently been taken over by new owners with over 30 years experience in the turf and irrigation industry. The staff and management team at GTS remain unchanged ensuring continuity of quality and service.

Turf Varieties


Sir Walter Buffalo


When it comes to superior soft leaf buffalo lawns, you can’t go past Sir Walter DNA Certified Premium Lawn Turf. Born and raised in our tough Australian conditions, Sir Walter is prepared all year round. It has high drought tolerance as well as being winter active; remaining a crisp green in all seasons. Sir Walter turf makes for an alluring garden around the clock.

Sir Grange Zoysia


Sir Grange Zoysia was originally bred in Texas, USA for the Golf Course industry. Although it only arrived in Australia in 2014 it has been tested for more than 20 years in demanding settings throughout 5 other countries.

Sir Grange Zoysia was chosen for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games golf course and now enjoys prestige status around the world. It is the no.1 selling grass in America, it’s a genuine premium quality turf backed up by our 10-year warranty.

Tiftuf Bermuda


Are you looking for a turf that offers a fine leaf blade with dense growth, world-leading drought resistance, high wear durability and low maintenance? TifTuf Bermuda turf may be just the premium turf choice you’ve been looking for.

TifTuf is a world-leading turf grass that owes its origins to 25 years of research at one of the leading turf grass breeders, the University of Georgia.

Eureka Kikuyu


Eureka Kikuyu grass has a broad course leaf with rapid growth. Such a lively turf thrives in the sunlight, holding its colour brilliantly in most conditions. Eureka Kikuyu doesn’t survive well in shaded or excessively damp areas. It is non-allergenic and great for achieving a bright garden.

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